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is a medical herbalist in Los Angeles and a holistic healing center serving the Westside community. Majid and Ahnjel each have over 20 years of experience helping people with chronic health problems. We custom-make herbal formulas, do acupuncture, and can tailor-make a nutritional program for you.

karen anne junk

365 California sunsets later… what a difference a year makes… Ali Wellness- THANK YOU…. Words do not suffice to thank you two enough.

Karen Anne Junk

daniel keir

Majid is the best, I probably wouldn’t be here if I had not met him. I don’t think I can give him a bigger compliment. Treatment without judgment, he’s great.

Daniel Kier

steve oskard

Have been working with Ahnjel Ali for two months and have experienced distinct changes with my health. She’s extremely knowledgeable and customizes each herbal formula for your wellness needs. I highly recommend her for your optimal health.

Steve Oskard

teresa frey

I can’t say enough good things about AOW. After years of infertility they helped clean up and fine tune my system. Then when pregnant with my twins they pinpointed what some new struggles were and I left hospital after 10 days. Drs said i was there for the duration of my pregnancy but only 2 days after AOW made nutritional recommendations I went safely home to carry my babies the desperately needed extra 5 weeks! Their knowledge of herbs, acupuncture and nutrition have repeatedly helped to make my family healthier and stronger. Love Majid and Ahnjel.

Teresa Frey

dana smalley bishop

Majid has helped me tremendously. I have a couple of chronic conditions that I choose not to treat with pharmaceuticals. Majid and his herbs have been a big part of my renewed vitality. I can’t endorse AOW highly enough.

Dana Smalley Bishop

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I’ve been a patient of Ali Optimal Wellness since three weeks after my “cancer surgery chapter” in April of 2008. I had just gone through a radical hysterectomy and I didn’t want to begin traditional HRT. My friend Kelly knew of Majid through a close friend of hers, and she recommended that I go and see him. Through my own ignorance, I thought that the hormones were going to fly out of my body after my surgery, so I wasted no time with going to see him. I’ll never forget my initial consultation. It was as if Majid had known me for all of my life. The course of care that we laid out was not just about my hormones, it was about creating a healthier me from the inside out; and we did. I’ve been “eating” my herbs ever since…and I believer that I’m healthier from the inside out than I ever was in my younger days.

I’ve had a good amount of stress lately, so I’ll be the first to admit that I have not been making the best nutrition choices. With my physical “make-up”, my bad choices have more impact… and you would think that someone of my years would be more disciplined…I’m getting there. One thing that helped me greatly was a commitment to follow Ahnjel’s vegan cleanse program. I had always been hesitant because of the “vegan” part of it. I knew I needed to jolt my system though, so I took a leap of faith; and I’m glad that I did. Ahnjel’s cookbook was just what I needed. I had become so bored with my automatic food choices at the grocery. Ahnjel’s cookbook opened me up to a world of delicious variety. The funny thing is that I’m actually more vegan than I thought I was. I actually prefer the food choices that I am now aware of after my month long education with making “different” food choices. The four weeks of herbs that Ahnjel includes with the program actually complemented the herbs that I take as my foundation health regime prescribed by Majid.

Again, I’ve had a good amount of stress, so I’ve fallen off the wagon a good bit since, but…I am getting there…and as both Majid and Ahnjel always say, “There’s no guilt or need to beat yourself up. It’s about making the best choices that you can in the moment with what you’re dealing with…and with what’s in front of you.” As I’m moving forward with some bigger changes in my life, I’ll be committing to another round of the cleansing herbs that Ahnjel creates to clear the decks for a stronger and healthier beginning ahead of me.

I am forever grateful to Ali Optimal Wellness…not just for what I’ve shared here, but for their empathy no matter what…and their regular relevant insights that they share with all of their patients….because they really do care…and they really do stand behind and live by everything that they say and do for their patients. If you’re an established patient and have not yet explored Ahnjel’s vegan cleanse, I hope that you’ll want to investigate more after reading what I’ve shared here. And if you’re not yet a patient of Ali Optimal Wellness, I hope that you’ll take that first step toward supporting a stronger and healthier you…again, because of something that I’ve shared here.

Diana Ring

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In Sept 2012, I received my second cancer diagnoses. My treatment was going to last a year starting with chemo and radiation concurrently and then surgery, followed up with more chemo after surgery. I have done acupuncture before to help with hip and shoulder pain and I was very happy with the results. When Ahnjel at Ali Optimal Wellness suggested it after chemo and radiation to help heal my body and help me get ready for surgery in January, I was a bit skeptical. She suggested doing a treatment 3-5 times a week for the next 3 weeks, concentrating on my liver, small intestine and large intestine. It was a big time commitment and a financial commitment but I was amazed on how quickly I began to regain my energy and feel better. Previously, having cancer with radiation in April 2010, I had something to compare my results too. I would highly recommend acupuncture as a treatment to help heal the body after being treated with chemo and radiation. I am looking forward to the end of my chemo treatment September 2013 so I can begin acupuncture again and I can start finally feeling like myself again.

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Health is a journey that begins with lifestyle changes.

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Ali Optimal Wellness helped people with many types of auto-immune problems, all types of digestive disorders, all types of hormonal problems allergies, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, and cancers.