Our Test System

ali optimal wellness image of Our Test System

We use a test system called Bio-photon emission testing; bio – for life; photon – a carrier for electromagnetic force; emission – the production and discharge of something, especially gas or radiation. We learned this system from our mentor and originator of this testing technique, MM Van Benschoten, OMD. I jokingly tell people, it’s like MRI, meets ultra sound, meets lie detector, meets spectrograph (measures color), meets Chinese medicine to tie in western principles to help us diagnose.

In using this testing system we then test the acupuncture points along the meridians. The meridians all correlate to your organs. All matter has energy, good or bad, and a basic premise in physics is “Energy never dies- it just gets transformed.” This is why we can test for energetic changes along the meridians, testing the meridians that correlate to the organs where your health problem is occurring.

We run this test looking at the organs that are involved in your health complaint, the reason that brought you into our office. We gather information about the health, or imbalances, and then start testing which herbs will change the status of that organ. From that, we then build a herbal formula specific to your needs based on what the test tells us.

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