As many of you that knows Ahnjel and I, know, we workout …..a lot! We have a gym at our home and we train at other places at times. Exercise is a big part of staying healthy on many fronts. It has been shown to help mild to moderate depression. It seems to reduce the possibility of cancer. Exercise has benefits to the heart. Reduces the bad cholesterol. Improves the ability to not make plaque in the arteries. Helps with sleep issues. Improves the mind. In fact it was found that the mind IS. Like a muscle and exercise reduces brain shrinkage as we age.

What’s great, is that you don’t have to be out there every day for hours at a time to reap benefits of exercise. But(!), you do have to do something! Well, what does that mean? Minimum is about 20 minutes of consistent movement 3days a week. Walking , jogging, swimming, weight lifting,biking/spinning, skipping rope, body weight movements, are things that can help get and keep you fit. And you’d ideally keep your heart rate up( make sure you’ve checked with your doc that you’re ok to workout) 50-60% of your max training rate. To figure subtract your age from 220 and then multiply by .50 or .60. Example, 220-62=158(that’s a max heart rate). Now 158x.60=94/95 beats per minute. This should be a rate that you can train but hold a conversation with someone. And of course these days there are a million apps on your phone to do that AND give you a training program.

But things like gardening, housework, taking stairs, parking farther away from the store, walking to the store, can be very beneficial. And of course playing a sport or sports are effective and perhaps keep you from getting bored. THE most important thing is do something.

And don’t forget Ahnjel and I can help give ideas what to do as well for fitness and rehabilitation.

Bottom line move to be healthy, and most important have fun!!!