Health Services

At Ali Optimal Wellness Culver City and Health Services Center we specialize in different health services acupunctureChinese herbsexercise programs, and nutritional guidance.

A 300 herb pharmacy, acupuncture for injuries, face lifts, stress, well being-along with nutrition consult for health or weight loss.

You can check out all health services below.

Health Services - Chinese Medicine by Ali Optimal Wellness

Chinese Medicine

What exactly is Chinese Medicine? And no it’s not just sticking something sharp in different areas of the body. That’s the most visually “What the?”, image. But 4-5 thousands years ago it was one of multiple tools to help a person heal.

ali optimal wellness - Our Test System

Our Test System

We use a test system called Bio-photon emission testing; bio – for life; photon – a carrier for electromagnetic force; emission – the production and discharge of something, especially gas or radiation. We learned this system from our mentor and originator of this testing technique, MM Van Benschoten, OMD.

ali optimal wellness - Pouring fresh ground herbs


Let’s talk herbs!!
Chinese herbs are really the heart and soul of healing in Chinese medicine and Medical Herbalist. Just like our herb room is the heart and soul of our office. You can take herbs several times a day to change an unhealthy or diseased condition and the herbs will make great changes for you.

ali optimal wellness doing Acupuncture


Yes! We do acupuncture! We have two spacious treatment rooms that can cater to your recovery needs. We have needles of different sizes based on what we need to do for you. Smaller thinner needles for acupuncture facelift (yep that’s a thing)…

ali optimal wellness - Acupuncture Facelift by Ahnjel

Acupuncture Facelift by Ahnjel

Ahnjel offers an Acupuncture Face Lift package one of the Health Services of Ali Optimal Wellness. Acupuncture Face Lifts can take years off your face. The package includes 8 facial acupuncture treatments. On 2 of those days you will receive an acupuncture cupping session before the acupuncture treatment.

Health Services - Nutrition by Ali Optimal Wellness


Nutrition and eating well are really as important to your health as anything you’ll do. We truly are what we do or don’t eat. Eat healthily, be healthy. Eat bad, your health will be bad. Our illnesses now are lifestyle-driven.

Health Services - Exercise - nutrition coach los angeles image for ali optimal wellness


As many of you that knows Ahnjel and I, know, we workout …..a lot! We have a gym at our home and we train at other places at times. Exercise is a big part of staying healthy on many fronts.