Full Body 30 Day Vegan Cleanse Diet

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Ahnjel designed Full Body 30 Days Vegan Cleanse after 20 years of helping patients overcome health problems and be able to get their health back. This vegan cleanse is about eating real food everyday – not starving yourself. Full Body 30 Days Vegan Cleanse consists of a book that is your step – by – step guide to eating great tasting vegan meals. 4 herbal formulas come with Full Body 30 Days Vegan Cleanse that Ahnjel designed specifically for this Cleanse.

The combination of the 4 herbal formulas along with the foods that you eat brings about numerous changes in your body. The book that comes with Full Body 30 Days Vegan Cleanse is literally a 30 days guide with recipes for every meal. The 4 herbal formulas were specifically designed for this Cleanse, as they will change the health of some of your organs – your lymph system, large intestines, liver, and kidneys. Along with all the recipes for the meals is a list of optional snacks, fruit smoothie recipes, vegetable juice recipes, salad dressings, and vegan alternatives to foods most people think are staples in their diet.


What Makes it Easy to be Vegan?

A plan. Having a plan makes it very easy to be vegan! Taking on big changes can be difficult, but not if you have a plan. By having a plan you can just apply yourself to forging forward onto this new path. Don’t waste any time trying to figure out your meal plans, it is already done for you.

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Are Sweet Potatoes good for vegan diet?

Yes, sweet potatoes are good for vegans, vegans and vegetarian can eat and definitely should eat sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are nutritious and delicious! There are people who don’t like sweet potatoes and prefer a much starchier baked potato. But the thing is, sweet potatoes contain and very rich in potassium, fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, that are good not only for vegans but also for everyone. You can try it in some vegan cleanse recipes.

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What Should You Expect?

As you go through Full Body 30 Days Vegan Cleanse, there are a lot of changes that will be happening to your body. By adopting this way of eating for a longer period of time you will get more of these changes to your body.

Some of the changes includes:

  • A weight loss
  • An improvement in your skin
  • Healthier and shinier hair
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Elimination diet

Adjustment of diet that usually lasts for a month or two, and a process of removing certain foods from your diet for a week or more, then slowly adding them back to know if you have a food sensitivity is what you called an elimination diet.

There are different foods that you can eliminate depends on the sensitivities you think you have. These are the most common for removed:


Here are the list of the foods that you can eliminate if you think it bothers you:

Added sugars
Citrus fruits
Other food that are not listed above

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Benefits of Plant Based Meal

Going plant based meal can help you lose weight and improve your health, in what way? Many pieces of research and studies have shown that going plant based meals help overweight and obese adults lose weight. The high fiber, along with cutting processed foods, junk foods, sodas, fast food, ice cream is a winning combination for losing and shedding excess pounds. By starting vegan detox, losing weight, and staying away from unhealthy foods will help you prevent getting diseases such as Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, and other diseases caused by eating unhealthy food groups. Start healthy eating so you can see the benefits in your body.

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Now that you guys know the benefits of veganism, the main question right now is how to go vegan? or how to change your diet from a regular diet to vegan diet? What are the easiest ways or steps to go vegan? We will give you tips, ways, and steps on how to become vegan.

Take it slow

Always keep your end goal in mind, but do it at your own pace, don’t rush things. There are people who can go vegan overnight which is amazing, and if you think you can do it, that is fantastic! However if you need more time, don’t be concerned. Going vegan is like any other lifestyle change, it will not only takes time to getting used to, but it will also determine what will work best for you. There are different approaches that you can take, and it is not a one size fits all experience.

One of the easiest ways to become used to plant-based diet is by making small changes to your everyday meals. You can start by removing meat or dairy products on your diet a little by little and then you can start from there, you can make it at least once a week. You could also try changing your meal diet at a time, for example, on the first week you can have a vegan breakfast, for the second week you can add a vegan lunch, so on and so fort. You could also try the substituting method; means you can substitute product one at a time, like by using almond milk or soya milk instead on cow’w milk, coconut oil or margarine instead of butter. There are a lot of plant-based alternative for almost every type of meal that you can think of, so don’t settle on one and miss out your favorite meals.

Do it in the right way

Make sure that you won’t miss out on all the essential nutrients. Always remember that being vegan doesn’t mean that you are 100% healthy, almost every type of junk food that you can think of has a vegan version. This means that as long as you plan a healthy diet and incorporate it with vitamins and proper nutrients, and eat a huge variety of all tasty plant-based food you will do great.

Always Experiment and try new things

By leaving your usual comfort zone in terms of foods, it will give you an opportunity to discover new cuisines and will introduce your taste buds to a new different selection of foods and flavors. There a wide variety of fruits and veggies vegan recipes all around the world. Whatever your food preference, you will encounter amazing variations on your favorite foods and interesting new plant-based dishes. Even though you don’t have the professional culinary experience to achieve this, you will be surprised by a wide number of meals that you can prepare on your own, and the ingredients that are in your kitchen or your local supermarkets. You can try lemon juice, brown rice, raw vegan, gluten-free recipes, fruit, and vegetable-based ingredients, greens smoothie, green juice that will be a great addition for clean eating, and will help for body detox. Try a 30-day detox for you to see the result in your body.

Keep Learning

Remember that changing your regular diet to a vegan diet is a learning curve. Living as a vegan in a non-vegan society takes both curiosity, courage, and dedication. Even though veganism is existing since 1994, it’s still a new concept to all people. It is always important that you allow yourself to learn about different things on veganism and remember to give yourself a pat on the back on every progress that you’ve made.

Always ask for help

Always remember to ask help to those people who have been vegan for a long time to make your transition more easier. You might probably ask questions like; “Where can I get or buy a vegan chocolate?”, “Is there a way a cakes can be bake without eggs?”, “How can I bring up with my family my veganism?” these questions were not only asked by you, but a lot of people that is transitioning into veganism. We suggest to link yourself into social networking sites vegan groups, or associate with your local vegan group, you might discover friendly people that can help you with your vegan transition.

Keep in mind your "Why's"

Always remind yourself of the reason’s why you’ve choose to become vegan. Always remember the benefits that you can get on vegan diet. If you keep your mind on the “Why’s” it will be easier for you to keep going, there might be times that you will have a bad day and feel that the whole vegan diet is too much work – take a deep breath and think of your choices. We’ve suggest to keep on reading imformative articles on the net, and books, or watch documentaries and vegan videos that might help you keep motivated. You might also want to see your favourite animals in an animal sanctuary near you.

Don’t give up and keep going

Just keep believing in yourself, and soon living as vegan will be a second nature for you. There are a lot of reasons to stick with the decision than go against on it. There might times that your family and friend will have an issue with you being a vegan, but always remember; don’t give up and keep going. There are a lot of online vegan groups or vegan social vegan groups that you can join.

Keep doing things along the way that will remind you that vegan living is enjoyable, and always remember that you’ve chosen an awesome, exciting and great way of living – make sure to enjoy it.