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Ali Optimal Wellness

is a medical herbalist in Los Angeles and a holistic healing center serving the Westside community. Majid and Ahnjel each have over 20 years of experience helping people with chronic health problems. We custom-make herbal formulas, do acupuncture, and can tailor-make a nutritional program for you.

Ali Optimal Wellness

Ali Optimal Wellness is a Health Center

Specialize in acupunctureChinese herbsexercise programs, and nutritional guidance.

Located in Los Angeles, and also provide services to members of our surrounding communities including Valencia, Orange County, and Ventura. 


Ahnjel Ali designed Full Body 30-Day Vegan Cleanse after 20 years of helping patients overcome health problems and be able to get their health back. This vegan cleanse is about eating real food every day – not starving yourself.

Through Ahnjel’s years of experience doing Acupuncture facelifts, she designed a customize acupuncture facelift and facelift pacakge. Experience the customize Microneedling & Acupuncture facelift.

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Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

Majid & Ahnjel help restore your Qi balance through treatment specific to the individual.



Majid & Ahnjel tailor-made your herbal formula based on your diagnosis.



Majid & Ahnjel tailor-made your long-term nutrition diets.



Majid & Ahnjel give you ideas on what to do as well for fitness and rehabilitation.

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Mostly Vegan: The Science behind Why You Should Eat More Veggies

Scientific research has shown we can draw clear lines between the foods we eat and the types of organisms that live in our digestive tract.

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Health is a journey that begins with lifestyle changes.

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Ali Optimal Wellness helped people with many types of auto-immune problems, all types of digestive disorders, all types of hormonal problems allergies, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, and cancers.